Kathi Mcdonald

Photo of Kathi McDonald

Kathi Mcdonald Died October 3 2012, she was 64.

You may not have heard my name you have surely heard my voice.

Kathi McDonald, is a veteran performer, has sung on over 70 gold LPs. Her soulful, passionate vocals combined with her legendary phrasing, impeccable timing and intonation are some of the reasons her vocals are an integral part of so many big hits.

From her role as an Ikette with Ike and Tina Turners Las Vegas shows to the the Mussell Shoals recordings of Leon Russell and the Rolling Stones ”Exile on Main Street” Kathi’s big and sometimes boitroius voice has been a part of many high points in the annuals of rock and roll.

Born in Anacortes Washington and raised in nearby Mt. Vernon, headed to the Bay Area in the late 60’s to jumpstart her singing carreer.

Her first big break was when at an Ike and Tina Turner Concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco she began singing along to the song “River deep, Mountian High” in the audience. Even without a microphone her voice caught Ike Turners ear and overnight she became an Ikette. After more than 3 years wth the Turners, Kathi joined Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen’s entourage. From there Kathi went on to meet and play with Leon Russells Shelter People and other gigs with Elton John, Freddie King, Rita Coolidge, Dave Mason and Nils Lofgren.


2 thoughts on “Kathi Mcdonald

  1. sulaika ochs

    I first met Kathi in Seattle in 2005. She was not just warm – but hot with love and passion – not just talented – but on fire every time she performed. She was not just funny – she could make me laugh until my teeth ached. As a writer she always supported my next book project.

    But she could also a quiet and home body of a soul – with her welcome mat oustide her door and a place for your shoes before you entered her ‘home.’ I love you Kathi and will always remember your goodness, heart and soul.


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