Everett “Cotton” Owens

Everett “Cotton” Owens, a racer whose life touched practically every era of  stock car racing, died Thursday morning. He had turned 88 years old May 21.

On May 23, it was announced that Owens was one of five new members selected  for induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Owens will be inducted posthumously  as part of the hall’s fourth class in February.

Owens was diagnosed with lung cancer seven years ago at 81. He chose not to  treat the cancer aggressively, saying he had led a full life.

His choice turned out to be the correct one. He lived for seven more years  with a high quality of life.

Owens was born in Union, SC but lived most of his life in nearby Spartanburg,  S.C., where he based his racing operation.

In a motorsports career that lasted most of a half-century, Owens won nine  Sprint Cup (then Grand National) races as a driver and later built winning cars  for other top racers. He and Hall of Fame driver Pearson teamed to win the Cup  championship in 1966.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2012/06/07/cup-cotton-owens-dead-at-88/#ixzz1xEHatJP5


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